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A different type of project management consultancy

About Build Project Management App

Hi there! Anna here, I am Self-PMA’s founder.

While working on high-end/ultra-luxury projects, people who knew about my work and my firm would ask if I could give them advice for their small build or recommend a project manager within their budget.

In my spare time, between my full-time job and PhD research, I would try to help as many people who would come to me for advice and ‘quick’ services.

But with limited time, I wondered if it wouldn’t be more productive to direct people to a website or app that would offer honest advice on their project.

I couldn’t find anything like that in the market.

About Build Project Management App
About Build Project Management App

I created Self-PMA to empower homeowners to manage their projects.

What was needed was an app simple enough for non-specialised people to self-manage their projects.

But an app was not enough; continuous support from qualified project managers was also needed.

When people came to me, they were not just looking for a tool, but also for honest, human advice to help them with their build.

I worked on the ideas, concepts, model, and values of a project management consultancy firm that would solely focus on small projects.

With most project management firms focusing on being appointed to bigger and more profitable projects, we focus on the homeowners dreaming of a bigger kitchen, having an extension, renovating their home, creating a basement, converting a barn, or self-building their family home. We focus on families with a limited budget to spend on an independent site supervisor or a paid per hour project manager.

About Build Project Management App
About Build Project Management App

In order to assist as a many small project as possible, I created Self-Project Management App which allows home owners and self-builders to control and self-manage their projects.

Customisable templates are available to manage budget, timeline and tasks. The key difference between Self-PMA and other project management tools is that each project has an allocated project manager ready to step in at any point in the project ready to assist.

Homeowners are able to request one-off services as needed without the need for a consultancy contract and without receiving a large bill for project management fees.

Self-PMA allows anyone to take the project manager role.

The idea is simple, you will manage your project with the tools and platform that we offer and if at any point you need help, we are here.

About Build Project Management App

The principles that guide everything we do

About Build Project Management App

Kindness - We act with compassion

Towards each other, fellow humans, animals, and the environment. This principle guides our interactions, our business decisions, and our approach to every aspect of our operations. The businesses and individuals we collaborate with experience a genuine culture of kindness.

About Build Project Management App

Efficiency - We streamline operations

For our clients, and for our audience. We optimise our processes and workflows, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly and effectively. The businesses and individuals we partner with benefit from our commitment to efficiency.

About Build Project Management App

Nurture - We foster growth

For each other, for our clients, and for our audience. We cultivate an environment that encourages learning, development, and progress. The businesses and individuals we support find a platform for growth and advancement. We invest in the journey of improvement.

About Build Project Management App

Dependability - We show up

For each other and for our clients. We fulfil our commitments and prioritise effective communication. The businesses and individuals we engage with receive an unwavering assurance, we genuinely care.

Are we a good match?

Self-PMA (Self-Project Management Advisors) is an intuitive hybrid project management consultancy (app + on demand services) designed to help homeowners and self-builders manage their construction projects with ease. It empowers you to take control of your project, from planning and budgeting to tracking progress.
Self-PMA provides a user-friendly pay-monthly subscription app where you can set up your project, plan milestones, budget, and track progress in real time. You’ll have access to expert advice when needed and a resource library to guide you.
Self-PMA is for homeowners and self-builders who want to manage their small construction projects independently, even without prior expertise. It’s also for those who want the benefits of a project manager without breaking the bank.
Absolutely. Self-PMA offers on-demand expert advice to help you through challenges. You’re never alone on your project journey. You will have a dedicated project manager ready to assist.
Yes, it’s designed for non-experts with simplicity in mind. Our user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance make project management a breeze, even for beginners.

Self-project management isn’t for everyone. It requires time, effort, and a hands-on approach. If you’re unsure, take our quiz to find out if Self-PMA is the right fit for your project management needs.

It’s a simple £19.99 per month – that’s all. If you’ve got your project duration figured out, subscribing for that period saves you the hassle of cancellation

Absolutely. We offer standalone on-demand services too. These can cater to your needs independently of the subscription model. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how we can assist you.