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Dear Clara,

Ah, the classic materials-for-labour dance. While it might seem like a straightforward arrangement, my advice remains unwavering – sign a contract. Always.

Now, I get the appeal of dividing up the responsibilities, you with the materials, they with the labour. It sounds like a reasonable agreement, doesn’t it? However, my advice is to ensure that harmony is not just a fleeting melody but a well-composed symphony on paper.

A contract, my dear, is your shield and sword in this venture. It delineates the expectations and responsibilities on both sides, offering a safety net should the winds of change blow unexpectedly. Imagine this: you’ve sourced the materials, your builder’s ready for the graft, and all seems rosy. But what if the unforeseen happens? Delays, discrepancies, or unexpected expenses rear their heads. Without a contract, resolving these matters can become a messy affair.

The beauty of a well-crafted contract lies in its ability to anticipate the unexpected. It gives you a roadmap, a set of rules both parties agree upon from the outset. Think of it as a blueprint for a successful partnership.

So, Clara, my recommendation stands – go ahead with your materials-for-labour arrangement, but don’t venture into this without the security of a contract. It’s the glue that keeps good intentions from unravelling.

Best of luck with your collaboration, and may the construction gods be on your side.

Warm regards, Alma

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