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Hello Richard,

Good question. Typically, the responsibility for preparing the project programme lies with the builder. They are in the best position to create what’s known as a line-by-line programme, detailing the sequence of tasks, timelines, and dependencies. Also, they know the specific resources that they will allocate to your project and when these will be available.

However, if you are taking on the project management role (and I hope you are), then you could have what what’s called in the project management business, a master programme or high level programme. This master programme outlines the broader timeline and overarching milestones, allowing you to have a high-level overview of the project’s progression. Within this master programme, you will add an entry with the time that your builder has provided you and link it to any other dates that are relevant to you, for example, when notify any other builder to start their works.

In essence, while the builder typically takes charge of the detailed line-by-line programme, your input through a master programme can be valuable to ensure alignment with your overall goals and timelines.

Feel free to discuss this with your builder and express any specific preferences or deadlines you have in mind.

Best regards, Alma

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