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Dear John and Cristina,

Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt – sign a contract. Always.

Now, I understand the temptation to go for a more informal arrangement, especially when you’re on friendly terms with your builder, and cups of tea have been shared. The camaraderie might make you think, “Oh, we’re all good here, no need for the paperwork hassle.” But, my dear, when the going gets tough, that’s precisely when you’d want the safety net of a contract.

Let me paint you a little scenario. Say, for instance, your builder underestimated the magnitude of the soil removal required after digging those footings for your modest extension. Now, instead of shrugging it off, they’ve got to dip into their pockets for extra grab lorries. Without a contract, they might come knocking on your door, metaphorical hat in hand, claiming they need to pass the cost onto you. You might reluctantly agree once, maybe twice, but before you know it, you’re being invoiced weekly for unforeseen extras that were never part of the initial plan.

Contracts won’t miraculously ward off every hiccup, but they act as your guardian angels for the investment you’re making, the peace of mind you deserve, and that dream space you’re crafting for your family’s future.

Contracts, my dear Farmers, keep contractors on the straight and narrow, providing you with a roadmap for when things inevitably veer off course. Standard building contracts, with their fair and meticulously considered clauses, are your friends in this construction jungle.

Now, if your builder is suggesting you sign their bespoke contract, don your detective hat and give it a thorough read. Seek professional advice if there’s even a whiff of confusion.

Wishing you the finest of luck with your project.

Best, Alma

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