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Oh, Sophia,

I understand the conundrum you find yourself in, and it’s a bit of a sticky one, isn’t it? While it would have been ideal to have a contract from the get-go, let’s not dwell on what’s water under the bridge.

Now, despite the absence of a formal contract, all is not lost. Communication is your best friend here. Have a candid chat with your builders about the delays and their seeming lack of interest. It might just be a hiccup that a straightforward conversation can iron out.

Express your concerns, Sophia. Ask them about the reasons for the delays and the apparent disinterest. Perhaps there are unforeseen issues they haven’t communicated or personal matters affecting their commitment to the project.

If, however, your attempts at dialogue don’t bear fruit, it might be time to explore more formal avenues. Consider sending a written communication outlining your concerns and expectations moving forward. Sometimes, putting things in black and white can bring a heightened sense of responsibility.

Sophia, if the communication and written expressions of concern doesn’t work, it may be prudent to consider exploring alternative options. Depending on the exact circumstances, seeking another builder could become a necessary step to ensure the completion of your project.

Here’s the thing, Sophia, builders paid on a daily basis, without the structure of a formal contract, might find themselves without the motivation to complete the project promptly.

The absence of a clear agreement can lead to a lack of accountability, and the daily payment model might inadvertently diminish the urgency for timely completion.

In such situations, the prospect of engaging a builder with a more formal arrangement could instil a stronger commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering on the project’s objectives. It’s never an easy decision to make, but sometimes a change in direction is needed to safeguard your investment and bring your envisioned space to reality. First things first, Sophia, speak to your builders and let’s hope this will be sufficient to steer the course of your project.

While we can’t turn back time, we can certainly work towards a resolution. Stay firm, communicate openly, and let’s hope your project gets back on track soon.

Best wishes, Alma

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The word ‘Alma’ can be a given name, but in this case, it represents an idea. It means ‘soul’ in Spanish. The purpose of this column is to help, always remembering that the person asking may not be familiar with construction terminologies and it is seeking for a straight forward answer, but also for a touch of empathy and understanding.

Anything related to your building projects. Ideally something very specific about a particular situation you’re facing during your project.

This section is born from a desire to provide helpful advice to people and families feeling overwhelmed with the gigantic task that is renovating, refurbishing, extending your house, or even building a new house entirely on your own. Here we answer your burning questions with a bit of a personal touch and soul.

In reality, we will answer your question by email first and then post it here to help other homeowners in similar situation. If you do not wish your question to be posted online, please let us know in your message.

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